3 Simple Steps to Crack Your Goddess Code "

eBook "Goddess Code 3"

Do it Yourself Inner Child work and Magick Projects to add passion and order to your life.

Does family, work, activities and more often keep you from getting in tune with your inner goddess? Does figuring out what exactly to do, when you do have time, take up the little precious time you do have ? If you answered yes then you sound just like me, this is why I created an organized daily practice for myself and now I am sharing it with you. Goddess Code is a series of ebooks, each one dedicated to unlocking one of the 7 energy centers along the center of your body allowing you to awaken more of your goddess energy.

This is book 3 revealed to me by my inner goddess. She told me I needed to work with solar energy first in order to define myself and get intune with my personal power. Working on the rest of the series so stay tuned...smooches!


Goddess Code #1 Root Code SUPPORT YOURSELF

Goddess Code #2 Sacral Code OPEN YOURSELF

Goddess Code #3 Solar Code DEFINE YOURSELF

Goddess Code #4 Heart Code SHARE YOURSELF

Goddess Code # 5 Throat Code EXPRESS YOURSELF

Goddess Code # 6 Brow Code TRUST YOURSELF

Goddess Code # 7 Crown Code HUMBLE YOURSELF


The Solar Code

Solar Plexus

Symptoms & Associations

Yoga & Visualization

Yoga Affirmations

Color Visualization

Crystals & Crafts

Solar Crystals

DIY Spiral Triple Goddess Pendant

Herbal Affirmation



Fire Passion Affirmation

Who is the Goddess

Ancient Goddesses

Ways to know your Goddess

Be a Goddess Not and Egotists

Real Goddess Don’t Do F.E.A.R

Define Your Self

Goddess Profile

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Your Instructor


I a Herbalists and Sacred Metaphysical Sister among other things….I was born and raised in the urban city of Newark NJ aka “The Brick City” in the year 1974. My mother came to America at the age of 19 from West Africa, Liberia to be exact. Several years later she met my dad , an and they wed. Despite my parent’s and family’s traditional religious beliefs, I decided at the age of 17 to venture out and connect with my birthright. My goddess given birthright of my ancient ancestral sciences that predate modern religious belief systems, this lead me to study metaphysics under several teachers from my late teens to mid twenties where I became a member of an Egyptian Mystic Order. It was during this period that I began to awaken to my true self. My true self meaning as an African American Woman of the Diaspora and a Priestess of the Order of Bast.The Ancient Diety Bast appeared to me in a dream with and showed me many wonderful mysteries of my ancient bloodline, this is what motivated me to create Sacred Metaphysical Sisters, a global sorority of metaphysical sister.
I was later introduced to herbal studies by my local African herbal practitioner, after I was diagnosed with gallstones. The doctor insisted I have my gallbladder removed but in my spirit I just knew that was not the course for me. This is when I started researching alternative medicine and came in contact with my local African Herbalist who advised me on may wonderful herbs that I used to heal myself. This was not easy task I must say. It took patience and many lifestyle changes and the belief in my own power to heal myself. I went on the heal myself of adult acquired asthma with licorice,lobelia, anise and out door exercise. I am still a work in progress as we all are but I would love to share with you the wonderful world of herbalism.
My whole life I never really fit in because I am a crazy mix of magick, mom, domestic girly herbal witch…go figure….I guess that is a true mix of Bastet energy…Girly and Feminine yet Ferocious and Fearless.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before trying home remedies. The information contained in my lectures are for educational purposes only.

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